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Rolex's Top Ten Tips About Euchre

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At VIP Euchre we try to create a community where people share a good time together. It is always a pleasure when that community gives back. One of our top users and an experienced Euchre player, Rolex, decided to share his tips for the Euchre beginners out there. Here is what he wrote to us, slightly edited for googling purposes 🙂

In every deal, there is a maximum of 7 trumps

Possibly less as under the upcard there are 3 down cards and at least one card can easily be a trump. Playing computer cards I find odds slightly different in that usually all 7 trumps are in players hands and aces of off suits are rarely in the 3 down cards.

You don’t need to have 3 sure tricks in your hand to make your bid

Counting on your partner to take one trick is not out of the question. Otherwise, you will find yourself passing a lot and thus no chance to make points.

Do not be afraid to be set (EUCHERED)

The old adage is “if you have never been euchred then you have never played euchre”. I’m not saying to bid foolishly.

Pay attention to the suit colors

Whatever suit your opponent turns down the odds are pretty good that you and your partner have the same color opposite suit or “next”. IE if they turn down Spades then Clubs is a good bet for a trump (success rate 70%). You may have only one or two Clubs but your partner may easily have 2 or more. Plus since they didn’t make trump odds good you and your partner have one or more of the J’s (bowers).

Take advantage of your position

If you are left of the dealer and have both bowers of suit turned up I rarely bid. If they pick up the card chances of euchring them are good. If they turn it down you bid next and lead both bowers with a great chance of making your point.

Trump immediately if you are making the trump

It’s almost mandatory (rare exceptions) if your side makes the trump that you get the trump played ASAP. Especially true if you bid with 3 trumps and you don’t have either J. Some players are afraid to lead with a trump and lead an offsuit Ace but in many instances, an opponent will be void and trump the Ace (winning a trick with a 9). Get the trump out so your Aces are good. So if your partner makes trump and you have first lead then lead the trump if possible.

Risk going alone

Many players think they have to have 4 trumps including both J’s and an off ace to even think about going alone (loner, you get 4 points if you take 5 tricks) Remember you still get one point if you only take 3 tricks. Having 3 trumps and 2 suited with at least one trump being a J can result in a successful loner, odds still in your favor of taking 3 tricks for one point. My point here is that many loners are missed because people aren’t thinking about the odds. Think about 3 cards in up stack no-one sees plus your partner’s 5 cards that they never see. That’s 1/3 of playing deck not in play.

Be more aggressive if the opponent is nearing the 10

If your opponents have 8-9 points it’s very important for your side to bid, if at all possible, especially after they turn a card down. If they are on nine and they get bid odds are good they will make it.

Play fair

Cheating can be done in many ways especially when playing in real life. Remembering that Euchre is designed to be played fast, slamming cards on the table with various levels of hollering. This is very important….THE DEALERS PARTNER MUST PASS QUICKLY OR ORDER UP!
Any pause can be considered cheating in that it can be a signal that you have some good cards.

Respect your Euchre partner

Bidding a loner when your side is on 8-9 is not considered good sportsmanship among good Euchre players. Not all loners are made so why not take your partner along?

Frank alias Rolex