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About Euchre Card game

Euchre is a trick-taking card game for four people, quite popular in the USA and the Commonwealth. Its origin can be traced back to 18th century Europe, where several games with similar rules were being played.

It is played by two teams, consisting of two players each, using 24 cards from a standard French deck (from 9s to As). The point of the game is to make more hands than the opponents` team and be the first to reach 10 points. You can read the full rules here.

euchre card game

In VIP Euchre, you can choose two additional variations of the game:

1. Canadian loner – If the dealer’s partner calls the trump, he must play the hand as a loner. When this happens, the partner of the dealer is going alone by default and doesn’t have the option to play with his partner.

2. Stick the dealer – If all players have chosen to pass at the end of the second round of bidding, the dealer must declare trump. This rule is often used to make the game progress faster.

The two Euchre modes are available in the lobby “Play with friends”, where you can create your personal games. There are also options to set the number of cards in the deck, decide who can play alone, how many cards to be dealt, and other adjustments.

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Now you can enjoy the thrill of playing your favorite card game from anywhere, with VIP Euchre. Register and join the biggest community of Euchre players online, where you can master the game and find other players 24/7.

Play Euchre online either using your internet browser or downloading the mobile app on your smart device. It is a cross-platform experience – you can start playing on your phone and finish the game on your laptop. And all of that is possible with one account.

Take a look at the other awesome features of our gaming platform:

Real Players

With over 10,000 players daily you will always have opponents to play with.

Cross-platform Game

Share the same account across all of your devices – laptop, tablet, smartphone.

Clean Design

Easy to navigate lobby that lets you pick quickly between different games and modes.

Euchre Online Tournaments

Compete against other players from all around the world.

Daily Bonuses

Never stay without coins with our increasing daily bonuses and mini games.

Social Interactions

Use the global chat, add new friends, explore their galleries, and communicate.


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Free Euchre Training

Practice against the computer in our free training room.

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