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Whether you are a beginner player or an experienced veteran, assuming that you have already read our Euchre rules, it is now the perfect time to either learn a few different euchre strategies or brush up on some old concepts!

Rely on your partner

Most of the time people overestimate their abilities. This also rings true when it comes to Euchre. For this reason, do not neglect your partner! By using your partner, you have a pretty good chance that there is a trick or two which could easily be won.

  • You might think most of the trump cards are in your hand, which does not mean you have all of them.
  • Who goes first plays a huge, meaning that you can easily lose the first trick.
  • Your partner might actually get annoyed when you do not let them contribute to the game.

Think of the consequences

Each card you play has a direct effect on the outcome of the game. Logically, you should do your best to secure a win every time. One way to accomplish this is to take a few seconds to think about what influence is the next card you plan on playing going to have on your winning chances?

You should pay close attention to the cards that your partner plays as if it seems like he has a trump secured, it makes no sense to make the trick yourself.

Early trumps

If you happen to have a few strong cards, for example, a Bower and an Ace, it might be a good idea to take some pressure off your partner by playing them at the beginning. This way, you let your partner know where those cards are, he does not worry about them throughout the round and therefore can adjust his strategy accordingly!

The ace of your partner

Many Euchre players would argue that this is one the most controversial topic amongst enthusiasts of this trick-taking card game. To trump or not to trump? That is indeed the question.

Trump your partner’s ace:

  • There are situations when trumping simply cannot be avoided. Sometimes the only suitable card you could play is that trump, in which case, go for it!

Do not trump your partner’s ace:

  • Perhaps the most preferred outcome of the two. Most players swear by this rule, so make sure you pay close attention not to break it, otherwise, your partner would have a valid reason to get pretty frustrated!

Going fishing

Not ideal. If you feel adventurous though, feel free to attempt to draw out the trumps of the other players. The problem lies with the possibility of drawing the only trump of your partner, in which case he/she would not feel positive emotions towards you.

Notice which cards are turned down

If you pay attention to the cards that are being passed by your opponents, most notably a card of a certain suit, it is safe to assume that none of your opponents have those suit cards. It is possible that they could even lack a left bower or any aces of that color, increasing your chances to win.

  • In this situation, the logical thing to do is to lead with the opposite suit of the same color.

Memorize which cards are played

Paying attention to the cards that are being played and following the overall flow of the game is a skill that is used in a variety of card games. Mastering it is a sure way to skyrocket your winning chances, as not a lot of players make the effort to watch the cards carefully.

  • If you want to learn how to follow which cards have already been played, Euchre is the perfect game to do so.
  • Most trick-taking games are played with 52 cards, where Euchre decks consist of 24 cards.
  • The fewer the cards, the easier it is to follow them.
  • Having an idea which cards have passed makes it easier to make more informed and strategic plays.

Know when to go alone

While we told you earlier that you should learn to rely on your partner, sometimes going alone is the correct decision you have to make to secure a win. Finding those perfect opportunities is not easy and could be considered as an advanced Euchre strategy. Your game knowledge should be quite high, as this is a decision which could easily swing the game in your opponents’ favor.

  • The decision to go alone should be taken based on how helpful your partner could be to you.
  • Most of the time it is not about the strength of your cards, but whether or not your partner can support you.
  • For this reason, do your best to look at the game objectively and make your decision based not on emotions, but reason.

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